Hardox – On site – Underground Mine

Hardox On Site Underground Mine

Down-to-earth Advantages for Mining

Dump Truck

Hardox enables the design of low weight bodies. Hardox 400/450 are most commonly used in dump truck applications. In some cases, Hardox 450/500 are used in the discharge end.


All Hardox grades may be used in different types of crushers depending on the wear exposure. Typical application is liner plates in some interior in areas with high wear.

Front Loader

Hardox 400/450 are used both as structural and wear plate for the LHD bucket. Wear parts on the bucket can be produced with Hardox 500/550.

Discharge Site

Hardox 400 to 600 are ideal for side liner plates at the discharge site. The grizzly can be made of Hardox 400 to 550.

Hopper & Feeder

Hardox 450/500/550 are the wear plate of choice for the hoppers and feeder tables of the primary crusher.

Rail Road Car

Used in car bottoms and side walls, Hardox 450 allows rail road cars to withstand wear and denting.

Measuring Bin & Skip 

Hardox 500/550 are used in the lining of measuring bins and skips.

Buffer Bin

Hardox 500/550 are used to line the walls of buffer bins.

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