Fujita Magnet

FUJITA endeavors to supply products that meet the needs of customers through the individual creative innovation of each of Fujita’s employees to help you where you need it, help with what you need, and help how you need it. Fujita continue to be grateful to our customers and suppliers, and always challenge ourselves to work towards a prosperous future for our company and employees.

      • Revolutionary electromagnet control
      • Ability to handle any shape and size of objects – steel plates, thin sheets and cylindrical materials
      • Configurable programme up to 15 magnetic force patterns
      • Available in full range of sizes and for variety products
      • Strong magnetic attraction in spite of its small size
      • Supports continuous operations
      • Can be mounted in areas with little space

Fujita Double Blank Detector

FUJITA Double Blank Detector – The Latest Japan Innovation Technology. This device prevents you from picking and conveying two sheets (steel sheet) at the blanking process!!