Hardox – On site – Roadbuilding

Hardox On Site Roadbuilding

Breaking the ground for roadbuilding makes tough demands on machines and materials

Tipper Body

Hardox 450/500 in the body of the tippers and dumpers. Hardox is an outstanding wear fighter in these applications. Hardox also has great impact resistance, making it an excellent design solution.

Asphalt Plant

Hardox 450/500/550 as liner plates and in gravel chutes. Hardox 450/500 in the wings of the drum. Hardox 450/500 in the transport container from the drum to the truck delivery shaft.

Excavator Bucket

Hardox 450/500/550 in the excavator bucket. Hardox may be used in the entire bucket or just in the cutting edge and sides depending on the wear situation.


Hardox 450/500/550 in the entire bucket or cutting edge and sides depending on the wear situation.


In the chute that leads into the crusher Hardox 500/550/600 is the obvious choice in the tough environment.

Hydraulic Hammer

Hardox 400/450 in the housing of the hydraulic hammer exposed to wear from rocks.


Hardox 500/550 used as liner plates in the interior in areas with high wear.

Motor Grader

Hardox 450/500/550 in the blades of the motor grader.


Hardox 450/500/550 in the blade of the bulldozer.

Asphalt Paver

Hardox 450/500/550 in the screed plates.

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