Sakaguchi  – Heaters for Gas Heating

Stainless Steel Tubular Heaters

A wide range of heaters is available from a straight-type with fitted terminals on both ends to a versatile heater with attached bushings to free-form shapes, and more.

Products and services features

■ For a wide range of applications, such as liquids, gases, metals, etc.
■ Screw, lug, and other terminal shapes are available.


Coil Finned Heaters

Coils are wrapped around the sheath to increase the heat-radiating surface and improve heat efficiency. Excellent durability, ideal for gas heating.

Products and services features

■ The standard model is made of thermal-resistant, silver-powder-coated iron.
■ Stainless steel models can be also manufactured.


High-temperature Hot Air Generator (Non-flame Air Heaters)

The heating element is constructed of high-temperature-resistant material applied with a special winding process. Thus the heat exchange rate against fluids is higher, and 800°C high-temperature hot air–which can’t be generated with conventional devices–is produced using less electricity.

Products and services features

■ Quick start-up, easy temperature control
Thanks to its higher heat exchange rate between the heating element and fluids, this product demonstrates great response to temperature changes and provides precise temperature control. As a result, fluids at a certain required temperature are steadily generated.

■ A wide variety of shapes
Available in various shapes to meet requirements for flow rate, temperature, electric power, nozzle shape, size, etc. Installation of flanges or bushings to the outlet is also possible.

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