Sakaguchi  – Heaters for Tubular Form Heating

Gas Line Heaters

Gas line heaters are designed to regulate the temperature in gas lines in order to prevent particles generation. The heating elements are insulated with silicon sponges and can be fit into any gas piping designs.
Custom manufacturing in required shapes is also available.

Products and services features

■ Easy installation and removal
With snap-type fasteners and connectors, installation in gas pipes is easy.
■ Temperature uniformity
Flexible, thin and planar silicon rubber heaters produce superb temperature uniformity across the piping surface.
■ Clean room compatible
Since silicone rubber is used for the heater and insulator, dust generation is minimized, making it ideal for cleanrooms in the semiconductor manufacturing process.
■ Particle generation control
Heating piping minimizes condensation inside pipes to prevent particle generation.
■ This product is outsourced. Please contact our sales department for details.


Ribbon Heaters

Heating elements are uniformly incorporated into woven heat-resistant glass fiber fabric. Ribbon heaters conform easily to complex shapes and have an extensive installation record in pipe heating for the semiconductor industry.

Products and services features

■ Easy installation and removal with straps attached to each end of the heater; quick startup heating.
■ Flexible tape style heaters are ideal for heating and thermal insulation of thin, thick and bent industrial pipes, non-standard shaped containers, tanks, etc.
■ A wide range of standard sizes guarantees that you’ll find suitable heaters for your applications. Custom manufacturing is also available.
■ Heating wire is incorporated into heat-resistant glass fiber fabric. Thanks to this structure, insulating capacity at the time of heating is superb, facilitating safe use.

Usage / example

For the semiconductor industry, etc.

Jacket(Mantle) Heaters

Mantle heaters for pipes are designed for easy installation/removal, and are widely used in pipeline heating, the baking process of vacuum devices, etc.

Products and services features

■ Flexible heat-resistant fabric ensures stable response to rapid temperature changes, ideal for long periods of continuous use.
■ Its easy design and process characteristics help with the custom manufacturing of complex shapes.
■ Widely used in the manufacturing and research industries for heating and insulation.

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