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Micro Sheathed Thermocouple (Type K)

The T-35 type micro sheathed thermocouple is manufactured by inserting a thin thermocouple element into an ultra-fine sheath and sealing it with an inorganic insulator (high-purity magnesia).
With its ultra-fine sheath, it is best suited for measurement in small spaces. Suitable for high temperatures.

Products and services features

■ This sensor allows measurement of the temperature at a certain point.
Suitable for measuring the temperature at only a single point on the object.
■ Responds quickly to temperature changes
With its extra-fine structure, the product’s sensor detects temperature changes quickly, thus achieving excellent response.
■ Measuring precise temperature in small spaces.
Even if the gap in an object is extremely small, the sensor can easily be inserted to measure the temperature accurately.

Robertshaw® Thermostat

The Robertshaw® thermostat is a product manufactured by a leading global thermostat manufacturer (Robertshaw Controls Inc.).
This thermostat is a “liquid expansion type” that controls a set of electric contacts to achieve the required temperature at the heat-sensitive part of the sensor. This process is performed through a capillary tube, where a liquid with a high thermal expansion coefficient is added to a metal pipe.

Products and services features

■ A product of Robertshaw Controls Inc., a leading global thermostat manufacturer.
■ Temperature settings can be done easily using the attached dials.
■ Used for various equipment, including precision machinery, electric heating for home use and gas regulation.


Thermocouple With Magnet/ RTD

The thermocouple with magnet is a temperature sensor designed for measuring surface temperature; constructed by embedding a magnet into the contact part of thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors.
As it is a magnet attachment type, sensors can be attached to or removed from the measured object easily, increasing work efficiency

Products and services features

■ As a magnet is attached to the contact part, you can attach or remove it easily.
■ Magnet case material is heat-resistant to temperatures of up to 200℃.
■ Connecting wires can be as long as 2m and are equipped with Y terminals, allowing easy connection to a thermometer.

Sensbey Thermostat (a sensitive bimetal thermostat)

The Sensbey thermostat utilizes the thermal expansion of a metal cylinder to extend/retract the inner movable contact plate, and with the tension/compression force so generated, the electrical contact is opened/closed in order to turn the electrical current on/off.

Products and services features

■ With an adjustment screw, you can set the switching temperature of the switches from low to high.
■ As an outer cylinder directly senses the temperature, this sensor provides a very fast reaction time. In addition, with its superior sensitivity of 0.1-1.0°C, the sensor switches on or off accurately.
■ Easy installation, as it is small, lightweight and manufactured in a cartridge shape.
■ With its excellent vibration resistance, it works normally even under 3G vibration conditions.
■ Moisture-proof, dust-proof and explosion-proof types are also available to meet customers’ needs.
■ Some models are designed to switch electrical loads from 300W to 1kW.

Film Shaped RTD

Our 0.4mm-thick sensor is constructed by processing foil-like resistance temperature detectors with polyimide film.

Products and services features

■ Allows measurement of temperature by inserting it into a narrow gap.
■ For the sensor unit, foil-like resistance temperature detectors are used, thus achieving a thickness of just 0.4mm.
■ The surface of the sensor unit is insulated by heat resistant polyimide film.

Sheathed Thermocouple (Type K)

Our sheathed thermocouple is manufactured by inserting a thin Type K thermocouple element into a heat-resistant sheath metal pipe (SUS316) and sealing it with an inorganic insulator (high-purity magnesia).

Products and services features

■ Both grounded and non-grounded types are available.
■ Various sheath lengths and diameters are available.

Temperature sensor-Extension wire series

Products and services features

■ Can be used as the lead wire of a heater.
■ Best suited for the internal wiring of devices requiring heat resistance.


This thermocouple connector, produced by OMEGA Engineering Inc. in the U.S., is used to connect thermocouples and compensating wire. It utilizes the color codes designated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Products and services features

■ Thanks to its small size, cable clamps can be installed.
■ Ceramic type connectors for high-temperature applications are also available.


Box Shaped Temperature Controller – SCR-SHQ-A

Box Shaped Temperature Controller “SCR-SHQ-A”

High speed, high precision and high performance. We have achieved a high-speed sampling of 25ms (0.025 seconds). Since it is portable, it can be used for travelling. It is suitable for a wide temperature control range.

Products and services features

■ We have achieved a high-speed sampling of 25ms (0.025 seconds).
■ Built-in PID high performance digital indication controller with a 5-digit display
■ Full multiple input – various thermocouple / resistance temperature detectors
■ Best suited for controlling low voltage heaters, as a low-capacity SCR is used
■ Minimum drive current: 60mA.

Usage / example

■ Controls low voltage heaters
■ Controls small constant-temperature baths, small electric furnaces
■ Electric current for various experiments: 60mA

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