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Ceramic Fiber Heater

This heater features heating elements embedded at regular intervals into a ceramic fiber, then integrally molded together to make a heater that maintains excellent insulation even at high temperatures.
The heater can be shaped into any form, and is more lightweight than brick or fireproof ceramics, etc.
With its superior heat resistance, insulation, and heating properties, it is widely used for high-temperature electric and electric tube furnaces.

Products and services features

High-temperature properties
A ceramic fiber heater made with a high-temperature heating element and carefully-selected ceramic fiber; designed to operate up to a maximum of nearly 1200°C.
Fast response
Ceramic fiber is extremely light, weighing only about 0.16g/cm3 ~ 0.24g/cm3, and it heats to the required temperature faster than conventional products that use heat resistant bricks, etc. Accordingly, it consumes less electricity and achieves quicker heating and more efficient cooling.
High quality
At our own manufacturing facilities and with our propriety processes, we take a fully integrated production approach, thus achieving high quality and great precision.
Product customization
With the superior processability of ceramic fiber, we can make separate heating zones, and design and manufacture multiple circuits.

ULTRAMIC® Aluminum Nitride Heaters

Our compact aluminum nitride heater (ULTRAMIC®) is constructed on an aluminum nitride platform, featuring some of the most excellent thermal conductivity properties among ceramics, platform with a special heating element. This product provides maximum performance in next-generation applications.

Products and services features

■ High thermal conductivity with an aluminum nitride platform
Aluminum nitride is a durable and heat resistant material, featuring high thermal conductivity and a low thermal expansion coefficient.
■ Quick heating and cool cycle times
The high thermal conductivity of its aluminum nitride platform allows the ULTRAMIC heater to heat and cool quickly. In addition, construction with extremely high watt densities due to a high thermal expansion coefficient ensures quick heating, with ramp rates as high as 150℃/sec, and cool cycle times.
■ Excellent electric properties
Demonstrates excellent insulation resistance at high temperature and high dielectric strength.
■ Integrated thermocouple
Integrated Type K thermocouple provides excellent temperature control characteristics, contributing to better sensor response to handle rapid temperature changes.
■ Supports DC (direct current voltage) as well
Applicable to both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current).


Infrared Ceramic Panel Heaters

A heating element is embedded in light, highly heat-resistant ceramic for a compact panel-type product.

Products and services features

■ Highly efficient panel heaters with great temperature uniformity, thanks to the planar heating section.
■ No reflectors are used; maintain thermal efficiency over long periods of use.
■ By placing multiple standard panels, the required size and shape can be attained.
■ Heating elements are embedded and radiating surfaces are spread throughout the ceramic, this heater is durable and oxidation-resistant.
■ As ceramic fibers are used for the insulation, this product is lighter than firebricks and a shorter heat-up time is required, making it ideal for energy-saving furnace construction.

Usage / example

Machinery / metal
Drying of dies and molds; drying of coated machinery equipment, parts, etc.; baking process of colored steel plates
Electrical / electronic
Drying of resisters, conductive paste, fluorescent film and PCBs
Drying of raw powder materials and pellets, preheating before molding and drying of coatings
Baking to cure paint on bodies and parts, drying of the adhesive coatings of metal parts
Printing / paper
Drying of various printing, removing moisture contained in paper, the burning process of printing plates

Infrared Ceramic Heaters

Infrared Ceramic Heaters

Infrared Ceramic HeatersHeaters

The radiant heat from a infrared ceramic heaters is directly absorbed by the object in the form of electromagnetic waves, and is therefore widely used as an efficient and energy-saving heat source.  When the far-infrared wavelength of electromagnetic waves and the absorption wavelength of the object match, the heating efficiency reaches its peak.

Products and services features

■ Shorter heating and drying time with a highly efficient radiator.
■ Superb temperature uniformity, thanks to its planar heating element, which distributes temperature evenly.
Excellent temperature control, as the temperature of each block can be controlled separately. The built-in sensor type allows more accurate temperature control.
■ Since the heating element is embedded and the radiating surface is ceramic, the impact of temperature changes is minimized.
■ Reliable performance after long hours of constant use contributes to a reduction in running cost.
■ As heating elements come in block units, facilities can be constructed easily and economically just by connecting two, three or more blocks to meet your requirements.

Micro Cable Air Heater ;  Micro Cable Air Heater – N Series

A specially formed micro heater is inserted into a SUS pipe, making it ideal for heating air, nitrogen gas, etc.
This product is used in various industries, including the semiconductor field.

Products and services features

■ High-efficiency and fast response
As a narrow tubular sheath heater is used as the heating element, heating efficiency is dramatically increased, thanks to its special tube bending process.

■ Safe design
As the built-in thermocouple is mounted directly on the sheath heater, the temperature can be controlled below the highest operating temperature and excessive temperature rise is suppressed for safety.

Usage / example

The semiconductor industry, etc.

Halogen Lamp Heaters

The inserted halogen gas prevents evaporated tungsten from being deposited on the bulb surface. This minimizes deterioration of lumen maintenance, usually caused by blackened bulbs.

Products and services features

■ Ultra-compact and high color temperature
Compared to standard light bulbs, this product is compact with a volume of only 1/200. The color temperature is higher than that of standard light bulbs and the color of the light is near-white.
■ Excellent energy distribution
As the energy distribution is very similar to that of black body, heats are generated from quality light sources.

Samicon Super 340Ⅱ (Silicone Rubber Heaters)

With a high-temperature heating element bonded to electrical thermal insulation, the Samicon Super 340 II is a thin, lightweight and flexible planar silicone rubber heater.

Products and services features

■ High temperature use Up to 300 ℃ (*)
* Based on our sample data testing; not a guaranteed value.
■ Fast response
As the thickness of the heater is only 1.15mm and the insulator (silicone rubber) is also thin, the heat capacity is low, making the temperature response of the object to be heated very fast.
■ Variety of shapes
Available in various shapes to meet your requirements, such as triangular, round, hole, hole-punched and slit.
■ High thermal efficiency
Adopting etched foil heating elements allows the heating area to be large, providing even heat distribution and high thermal efficiency.
■ Great temperature uniformity
Since the heating line pattern can be customized, different degrees of density can be strategically applied based on the required temperature distribution on the object to be heated.

Fast-Quartz Heaters

Fast-quartz heaters employ a heating system using near-infrared radiation. Our quartz heaters are very efficient, converting more than 85% of electrical energy into infrared radiation. Standard quartz heaters are designed to have a color temperature of 2500K and their infrared wavelength region is distributed with a peak length of approximately 1.2μm.
The infrared wavelength is about the same as the absorption wavelength of human bodies, water and plastics, which ensures effective heating of materials. As soon as the heater is turned on, it starts generating heat; the startup time of quartz heaters is very fast.

Products and services features

■ A coiled tungsten filament is used as the heating element.
■ A quartz glass tube (ø10) is filled with halogen gas to achieve longer product life by utilizing a halogen cycle.

Micro Ceramic Heater(Heaters)_Series

This thermocouple-built-in micro ceramic heater has an R-type thermocouple directly embedded into the ceramic substrate.
As it has a built-in temperature sensor, the temperature of the heater is controlled with high accuracy.

Products and services features


Silicone Nitride Heaters MSN-1100

Our silicone nitride heater is constructed on a homogeneously sintered silicone nitride platform featuring high temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity and high thermal shock resistance, with a reliable heating element for high temperature use of up to 1100℃.

Products and services features

■ Maximum operating temperature: 1100 ℃
■ Low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent thermal shock resistance
■ Great oxidation and chemical resistance
■ High watt densities (W/cm²)
■ Excellent insulation resistance and high dielectric strength

Infrared Tube Heaters

These are widely used as a source of heating and insulation in various industries, featuring high temperature- and chemical-resistance.

Products and services features

■ A simply-designed heater constructed of coiled heating wire inserted into a quartz tube.

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